Wooldridge Creek Vineyard & Winery Our Story

In 1978, Ted and Mary Warrick founded Wooldridge Creek Vineyard. The name was chosen to recognize both the natural and historical attributes of the vineyard’s location. Wooldridge Creek runs through the valley where the vineyard is situated, providing a wildlife corridor for the bears and other animals who have become an integral part of Wooldridge Creek lore. The creek is named after the Wooldridge family who settled the property in the 1850s.

In 2002, Ted and Mary met winemakers Greg Paneitz and Kara Olmo, who were in the area considering winemaking options. Until then, grapes from Wooldridge Creek Vineyard had been sold almost entirely to wineries around the state, with only a small amount being made into custom wine under the Wooldridge Creek label. The four saw an opportunity to combine the Warricks’ fruit with Greg’s and Kara’s winemaking skills. They partnered to create Wooldridge Creek Winery.