Wooldridge Creek Vineyard & Winery Greg & Kara

Greg and Kara met while doing post-baccalaureate work in Enology at Fresno State University. They discovered a shared interest in starting a small, family-owned winery, and realized that their skills would complement one another. Greg brought to his winemaking a background in Organic Chemistry and practical experience from his training in France, and Kara brought a background in Food and Marketing with specific experience working in the California wine industry.

Having studied Enology at France’s National School of Enology in Montpelier, Greg was interested in a site with a climate and geology similar to southern France. Looking at a map, he identified Southern Oregon as a possibility. Kara wasn’t sure she wanted to leave the California wine industry but agreed to explore Southern Oregon.

The decision to give Southern Oregon a serious try was made when Valley View Winery offered Greg and Kara an opportunity to make wine there on a short-term basis. On one of their trips to search for grapes, Greg and Kara discovered Wooldridge Creek Vineyard and met Ted. They saw the potential for the kind of small winery they envisioned, and found in Ted and Mary the qualities of good prospective business partners and friends. They presented Ted and Mary with a proposal that they could not refuse. Wooldridge Creek Vineyard became Wooldridge Creek Vineyard and Winery.