Wooldridge Creek Vineyard & Winery Wildlife

The vineyard property is shared with an abundance of wildlife, including hawks, songbirds, turkeys, raccoons, deer, bears, coyotes, rabbits, skunks and the occasional cougar. In addition to dining on each other, the wildlife enjoy the fruits of the vineyard.

Bears are the most voracious of the local wildlife, consuming copious quantities of grapes and easily scaling and/or trampling any vineyard fencing in their way. After the blackberries are past their prime, the bears start on the grapes, moving from one variety to another as they ripen. The most effective deterrent so far has been to take the “offensive” and leave talk radio playing in the vineyard at a high volume through the night. Think Rush Limbaugh.

Wooldridge Creek is also known for its not-so-wild animals. Visitors to the winery are often greeted by Lewis, the winery cat, or one of the dogs who make Wooldridge Creek their home.